Frosted Numbers and Text for the Front Door of your Home Style 4

  • Provides privacy, Lets a large amount of natural light pass through. Full instructions provided, Free fitting support.
  • Self adhesive, so no messy glue needed. Easy to install with basic tools.
  • Personalised glass window, door number cutout a frosted window film decal.
  • Professional quality – as used by professional window film fitting companies, Non Fade
Length (cm)
Please enter a valid length
Height (cm)
Please enter a valid height
Please select whether you need your number mirrored or not.

The image on the left provides an illustration as to how your order of your house number or frosted cut out text window film design Style 4 will appear.

The light part of the image represents the frosted area, whilst the dark parts show where there will be no film present.

Please insert the sizes of your panel in to the provided boxes marked window height and window width.

Please take all measurements to the nearest mm for example 965mm would be 96.5cm, if in doubt it’s better to be slightly over as the film can easily be trimmed during fitting.

Glass Height is from the top to bottom of the glass.

Glass Width is from the left to right of the glass.

Then input your text or number and choose your font from the drop down menu. Our graphics team will scale the size of the number or text to fit the size of panel you specify.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your film will be cut for sticking to the inside of your glass, allowing the number or text to be read from the outside, this is called a Mirrored / Reversed Cut.

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